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Easy to Follow Tips to Help You Stretch Your Student Dollar

September 27, 2017 | Study & Student Life | By Real Estate | 0 Comments

As if college life wasn’t hard enough; with a full and heavy course load on top of social activities, then you have to add the stress of finances, too!


However, just because you are stretched for money doesn’t mean that you have to be stretched for an enjoyable life. Below are some great tips to help every student earn money and maximize the money they do earn.


Work on Campus

The best thing that any student can do is to get a job. However, this is easier said than done. A student has limited time to dedicate to work and isn’t always available for regular shifts, making it extremely difficult to find a steady form of income. With this in mind, do your best to get a job on campus at a place which will accommodate a student lifestyle. While you may think that it’s okay to wait until you get to college, the best time to apply is now! By the time that you get to the campus you can bet that all of the positions have already been taken.



Look for a Job With a Discount

In addition to finding a job, do your best to obtain a job which comes with a discount or benefit which you can really take advantage of. The perfect example would be to work at a sandwich store which provides you with a free meal during your shifts. Discounts and benefits like this are a great way to reduce your student budget.



Of course, every student is going to need stationery supplies and a lot of them. Voucher sites like the Groupon Coupons page for eBay are great places to order large quantities of stationery items for cheap. If you find a great price, but for too many items, similar to the tip above, speak with your dorm friends and classmates to split it up.



When it comes to a student’s food budget, there a many ways to keep it low, such as:


  • Plan out the meals that you will eat for the month to make the use of long life ingredients
  • Continue the above tip by also buying your products in bulk and freezing them
  • Collate with your dorm friends to take advantage of bulk items which are too much for one person
  • Be sure to ask for student discounts at each place you visit
  • Look for stores which advertise student discounts


Walk or Ride/Ride Share – Don’t Drive

Just because Hollywood will have you believe that student life is all about taking road trips with your friends, the reality of the situation is very different. In fact, it’s likely that you don’t even need a car to get you to and from college. Instead, look for rideshare options which you can take advantage of with classmates and fellow students, along with getting yourself a cheap bike which you can use. Of course, if it comes to it, don’t be afraid of a walk. Not only are these great ways to keep your transport costs down, they are also great ways to improve your health and fitness.


College life isn’t easy, but as you can see from the millions of graduates, it’s not the impossible task. Start with these tips and then ask your dorm friends about their tips and advice for getting the most out of their budgets.…